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Innovative Bike Baskets From Colorbasket

Our main drive was to answer one question: Can we make a better bike basket? First we had to define better. Safety was a huge issue to us. Traditional baskets tend to wear after time,causing the materials to crack and splinter which could damage items put into the basket or even the people using them. Our baskets are made of a solid synthetic cord that does not crack or splinter and, even better, is food-contact safe. The material is so durable, it can be cleaned safely in a dishwasher.Bike baskets spend a lot of time outside, exposed to all types of elements. We wanted to design a basket that would resist the damaging effects of water and the elements and whose bright beautiful colors could withstand long exposure to sunlight without fading. Thanks to our solid synthetic cord,our baskets are stronger and more durable than baskets made from traditional materials,and our colors will last. Lastly, we wanted a basket that stood out, one that perfectly fused function with style. People put a lot of thought into their bikes, so we worked hard on our unique two-tone designs to find that balance of eye-catching beauty and the ability to get the job done. Our baskets come in a wide array of colors and each one is hand-woven to give it that personally crafted look and feel. Theyare quality baskets made with care and attention. These are the only colorful hand-woven baskets you will find that have not been painted and treated with harsh chemicals. The best part is our solid modern plastic is made from 15 percent recycled materials, and all of our baskets can be safely recycled to protect the environment.